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Jenn & Yesel


One thought on “Member Bios

  1. My name is Regina Winzer and I work as an analyst for the Public Health Agency in Sweden, Unit for Mental health. I am also a PhD-student at the Karolinska Institutet and my research area is Mental health and mental ill-health in young people, aged 16 – 29 years – promotive- and risk factors, time-trends and interventions.
    The main aim of the PhD-project is to identify which factors contribute to mental health and mental ill-health respectively in young people. Data from the Swedish National Public Health Survey and the Stockholm Public Health Cohort have been used. Additionally two controlled interventions – a) to handle stressful situations, b) to prevent depressive symptoms in young women – have been conducted in high-schools.
    I am happy to follow the SSEA-network but my time for collaboration is limited as I work full time in addition to my doctoral studies.
    Best regards,


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