Personality, trauma, and the emerging adult: Professor Peter Fonagy wins the 2015 Wiley Prize in Psychology

FREE ACCESS to Dr. Fonagy’s articles published by Wiley.


Professor Peter Fonagy, University College London, has been awarded the 2015 Wiley Prize in Psychology.

In Dr. Fonagy’s honor, Wiley has granted free access to the articles they have published. You can access them here. 

Dr. Fonagy is a distinguished British psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist. His work has advanced our understanding of the development of the self, including insights into both normal and abnormal personality development, from a psychoanalytic, primarily attachment-focused, perspective.

His work does not focus on emerging adults, specifically. Scholars whose work focuses on emerging adults and practitioners who work with emerging adults, the salience of his work with respect to understanding and relating to individuals in their late teens and twenties is clear.

His work on Metallization Based Therapy has been influential in the development of treatment programs for borderline personality disorder. In the U.S., his work has been influential at The Menninger Clinic in the Adolescent Treatment program and the Compass Program for Young Adults.