Want to submit a symposium proposal?

7th CONFERENCE on EMERGING ADULTHOOD, October 14-16, Miami, FL (USA)

We hope you are as excited as we are for plans for the next Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood meeting in Miami.

REMINDER: For the SSEA Conference, proposals are due March 1.

As members of the Mental Health Topic Network, we know that some of you are interested in working together to plan and propose symposia that represent diverse labs, samples, populations, and disciplines.

For those who would like to organize their paper into a symposium: if you are interested in submitting a paper as part of a symposium related to mental health in emerging adulthood and would like to connect with other authors, please send the following information (see below) no later than Friday, January 30th to Yesel Yoon (Emerging Scholar Co-Chair, Mental Health in Emerging Adulthood Topic Network) at the following email: yesel@psych.umass.edu. 

Please send:

​​1. …a short (no more than a paragraph) introduction to your talk, including information about the topic, the sample, and your analytic strategy. NOTE: If you have 2 or more talks from different authors that you plan to put in the same symposium and are writing to connect with one additional author, please describe both talks.

2. ​…a note letting us know whether you:

​…are interested in/willing to organize/chair the symposium (1 = prefer not to organize/chair; 2 = fine either way; 3 = prefer to organize/chair).

…would consider a discussant role instead of (or in addition to) giving an empirical talk,

…would be interested in participating/being organized into/willing to participate in an alternative presentation style (i.e., discussion session, debate).
Upon receipt of your information, we will ​organize papers together into symposia based on topics.

Please note:

  • This process is independent of the conference committee. Organizing your paper with others into a symposium does not in any way guarantee or increase your chance of acceptance to the conference.
  • We are experimenting with this process for the first time. Therefore, we are not able to predict how many topic network (TN) members will be interested in organizing with other TN members. We cannot guarantee that we will find perfect matches, or matches at all, for any proposed talk.
  • Our goal is to organize proposed papers into symposia the first week of February, leaving authors considerable time to make adjustments based on recommendations.

If you have any other ideas or requests for organizing papers on mental health topics, please do let us know.

Jenn & Yesel